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In every session we provide the learner with a variety of activities, i.e.  pronunciation, dictation, phrase building, verb conjugation practice, what is the question, etc.


We encourage our learners to write at home with selected homework.

Once in class, you practise orally
what we teach.
 SPANISH  Courses 2021
- Beginners 1:   Mondays
   (1st. year) 
- Beginners 1:        Wednesday

    (1st. year)                    

- Beginners 1:       Thursday

    (1st. year)   

- Elementary 1:     Tuesday

     (2nd. year)                       

- Intermediate 1:        Monday

     (4th. year)                  

- Advanced 2:        Tuesday

    (5th. year)

- Conversation:      Monday

     FRENCH courses 2021

- Beginners 1: 

   Tuesdays & Thursday

     GREEK courses 2021

  - Beginners 1: Thursday 

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